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Hello! I’m Matthew Anderson

Worked as a coach/consultant to couples, individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses since 1970 with over 45 thousand hours of experience.  The author of four books, the most recent is The Resurrection of Romance: How to create and sustain a world class romantic relationship that lasts a lifetime. Created a variety of CD’s and on line courses including, The Journey of Love, Wake Up and Drive Your Life, Eating to Kill, Why You Want to Be Fat, The David Principle and Life Outside the Box. Lived and worked in South Carolina, Boston, San Diego, Hawaii and South Florida.

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How I can help...

Relationships are my passion and my expertise.

I help struggling couples manage conflict and find renewed love and joy.  
guide single adults as they search for and discover the love of their lives.
I support individuals who seek deeper connections with their inner selves.  
I inspire families to discover new levels of understanding and communication. 
I encourage and direct entrepreneurs and executives towards productive goals with their teams.  
I facilitate families as they manage their businesses together.